Benefits of Dental Implants in Queen Creek AZ 

Benefits of Dental Implants in Queen Creek AZ 

April 1, 2021

Millions of people lose their teeth prematurely, with most of them losing them to dental decay. For the rest, dental injuries and traumas are to blame for the loss of their teeth. This goes to say that although teeth are built to last your entire lifetime, it is not always the case.

Fortunately, you also do not have to go without teeth for the remaining part of your life. Dentist in Queen Creek, AZ have specialized in different oral appliances helpful for dental restorations, including dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

They are tooth-shaped oral appliances that are used to replace missing teeth in restorative dentistry. Unlike other appliances like dentures and dental bridges, implants work by replacing the roots of teeth first.

Technically, your dentist makes a small hole on your jawbone by drilling, to create room for the implant. Afterward, the implant is placed and then covered by a dental crown to complete the tooth replacement procedure.

What Is Unique About Dental Implants?

A dentist near you will explain to you that oral implants are nothing like it’s counterparts in restorative dentistry. Right from how they work, how they are inserted, to how they are made, dental implants are an incredible restorative option for you. Some unique features of teeth implants are:

  • Oral implants are made for replacing the roots of teeth – when you have lost your tooth, it means that even the root of the tooth has been extracted from your mouth. Other replacement solutions in dentistry focus on replacing the top part of a tooth, which entails the enamel and dentin, well represented by dental crowns. However, dental implants replace the roots of teeth, as well as the crown thereof.
  • They feature titanium metal – it is a special type of metal used in medicine for repairing and restoring body parts. It integrates well with the bone tissues in your jawbone for a perfect tooth root.
  • Implants are inserted surgically – a cosmetic dentist near you has to inform you of this before performing any procedure to help improve your smile. To place the metal post in your jawbone, a Queen Creek dentist has to do it surgically.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Before you think about whether or not you should try these appliances, you must learn more about them to better understand how you would benefit from choosing oral implants. For that, consider the following benefits:

  • They are permanent – you may never need another tooth replacement procedure once you get dental implants. They are built for permanence, which means they are not removable as dentures are.
  • They are durable – the metal used to create the oral implants is sturdy enough to last even a lifetime. Most people get to keep oral implants for the rest of their lives.
  • Titanium integrates well with the human body – the type of metal used to manufacture oral implants is suitable for bone regeneration and integration. Hardly will a body reject an implant or result in an allergic reaction, which is common when other types of metals are used for dental works.
  • They are strong – other than the type of material used to make them, dental implants are also praised for the stability and strength they offer. The metal posts are secured in your jawbone and held into position by your gum tissue. This ensures that you have strong teeth, even to withstand maximum and periodical chewing. It makes them preferable as restorative appliances for the back teeth.
  • They restore your mouth’s functionality – optimal functionality of the mouth is not possible when you are missing a tooth or two. Processes like chewing and speaking might even be problematic for you. Replacing your teeth allows you to regain these functions and perform them excellently.
  • They are natural-looking – you never have to worry about people noticing your false teeth. Dental implants replace the roots of teeth, while dental crowns cover the top parts of the implant. Since the dental crown can be color-matched to your natural teeth, you will have the cosmetic advantage thereof. Besides, with both your roots and crowns replaced, you flaunt a very natural-looking and beautiful smile.
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