Can Invisalign® Cause Health Problems?

Can Invisalign® Cause Health Problems?

June 1, 2022

The aesthetic appeal that comes with straight white teeth is almost irresistible. What’s more, straight teeth also come with a ton of health benefits such as improved digestion, decreased headaches, pain, and improved overall well-being.

There’s no doubt that Invisalign® in Queen Creek offers several benefits that can alter your appearance and oral health. However, you might also need to discuss in length with our cosmetic dentist in Queen Creek the drawbacks of this amazing treatment to ascertain whether this is the path you wish to use.

Even though you might enjoy some of the perks that come with Invisalign, some discomforts still exist that some patients experience. So, let’s see how Invisalign can affect you.


Invisalign aligners are a bit uncomfortable early on in the treatment process. When the aligner is pressing against the tongue and lips, you might have a problem with pronunciation. The good news is that you might start getting used to the aligners’ presence, so your speech might improve as you adjust to them.

Allergic Reaction

Some components that make up the aligners, such as isocyanate and polyurethane, may cause allergic reactions. Some patients may experience minor mouth and gum irritation, while others may experience adverse reactions, including difficulty breathing, blisters, and other reactions.

That’s why you need to discuss with our Queen Creek dentist when you experience any discomfort or allergic reaction.

Cheek Biting and Cut Tongue

You might bite your cheek or tongue when you are still getting used to the aligners. Other patients may also experience tongue or cheek biting as their teeth move into new positions. If you bite your tongue or cheek, remember to rinse your mouth and use an antibacterial mouthwash to prevent irritations and infections.

Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Your saliva plays a critical role in maintaining dental health. It contains enzymes that aid in flushing the mouth to remove bacteria and prevent their overgrowth. Therefore, saliva is very critical in maintaining oral hygiene.

Without the normal saliva flow in your mouth, bacteria will begin building up, resulting in bad breath and cavities.

Invisalign fully covers the teeth and obstructs the normal flow of saliva. So, you might need to drink plenty of water and brush your teeth to keep your mouth clean and hydrated.

Headache and Jaw Pain

Many nerve endings are connected between the jaw, teeth, and face. That explains why some of the Invisalign patients will feel pain because of the pressure exerted by the aligner when the teeth are being moved.

You might experience this pain as jaw pain, headache, neck pain, or earache. You could also experience jaw popping as your teeth are realigning because the movement might impact your bite and jaw.

The pain level will vary, so others will feel more pain and pressure, while others might experience almost negligible pain.

Bleeding and Receding Gums

Patients with Invisalign aligners might suffer from gum irritation and bleeding, especially at the onset of the treatment. As your mouth gets used to the Invisalign aligners, the irritation may reduce. But in the meantime, drinking plenty of water can help flush the bacteria from the mouth and decrease the chances of your gums receding.

Weight Loss

It isn’t advisable to eat and drink while wearing your aligners. You only have four hours in a day when you cannot wear them. So, these changes in timing can make it a bit challenging to eat meals as you were accustomed to before treatment.

What’s more, your teeth will become more sensitive because of the realignment. You will have to switch to softer foods so that you don’t miss a meal. These changes in your diet may cause you to lose some weight.

But if you make the necessary dietary changes and develop healthy eating habits, you might not lose much weight.

Dizziness and Nausea

Some people feel nauseous and dizzy because of having a foreign object in their mouth for an extended period. But these symptoms seem to fade as a patient adjusts to wearing the aligners.

Are They Worth It?

Yes, they are! Irrespective of the above issues, you will gain far much more. Orthodontic issues will be dealt with, and your teeth will be aligned properly.

So, if you want Invisalign in Queen Creek, contact us at Alexander Family Dental to schedule an appointment.

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