Save Money with Professional Dentistry 

Save Money with Professional Dentistry 

December 21, 2020

With information being given to us at rapidly increasing speed with each passing advance in mobile technology, it’s easy to be tempted by claims made by advertisers for over-the-counter products that promise us everything we’ve been looking for. By using models and paid actors or spokespeople, advertisers make it seem as though beautiful teeth can be as simple as ordering their product without medically-based evidence.

Consumer Awareness Matters

Unfortunately, many over-the-counter (OTC) dental products promoted as quick and inexpensive also come with pitfalls such as inferior ingredients or ingredients that can damage when not used correctly.

For example, some teeth whitening products purchased online may contain high levels of abrasive ingredients that will erode the enamel of teeth and lead to tooth sensitivity. Or conversely, they may not contain enough of the lightening ingredients to brighten your smile to the level that a dentist can by using professional-grade whitening agents.

Our dentist hears from patients every day who have fallen prey to false advertising for teeth whitening. They visit our office to either have their sensitive teeth repaired or to finally achieve the degree of whiteness in their smile that they believed they’d obtain with OTC products.

Dental Aligner Therapy 

The same holds with OTC dental aligners. Users of aligners that were purchased online complain of excessive pain and stop using the appliance. But when you partner with a dentist for your aligner therapy, you’ll have one-on-one personalized care. That means you’ll receive adjustments to your aligner to make them more comfortable so you won’t have to stop wearing them and forgo your dreams of a straighter smile.

Our dentist and dental care team are here to provide patients with adjustments to their aligners during a quick appointment. Our goal is to provide you with a straighter, more beautiful smile with the added peace of mind of knowing that we’re right here in Queen Creek, AZ to answer your questions and make modifications to your aligner therapy.

The Takeaway 

It’s human nature to be tempted by grandiose claims. Instead of being one of the many that fall prey to disappointment, we invite you to trust Dr. Alexander with the health, beauty, and vitality of your smile.

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