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No-Drill Dentistry: Fluoride treatments can prevent cavities in adults and chidren


What Is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay and sensitivity by making the tooth more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth. It also reverses early decay. In children under six years of age, fluoride becomes incorporated into the development of permanent teeth, making it difficult for acids to demineralize the teeth. Fluoride also helps speed remineralization as well as disrupts acid production in already erupted teeth of both children and adults

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How Does Fluoride Treatment Work?

Fluoride is a mineral that is naturally found in water and many foods. While you receive a certain amount of fluoride from your diet and from using toothpaste with fluoride, we may recommend fluoride treatment to further strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities.

Fluoride helps to strengthen your teeth and protect them from tooth decay. As you eat and drink throughout the day, bacteria, sugars, and acids constantly attack and demineralize the enamel layer of your teeth. Fluoride works to remineralize the tooth enamel, preventing tooth decay and cavities. In addition, fluoride can strengthen the teeth as they develop to make sure they are strong and healthy, making fluoride very important for children as their teeth grow in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dental cleanings necessary?2019-05-02T15:52:25+00:00

Yes, absolutely! Even with regular brushing and flossing, there are always leftover remnants of plaque on your teeth that does not get brushed away. This plaque can harden and form tartar, which can only be removed with a dental cleaning. If this tartar and plaque are not addressed and removed, it can cause mild to severe oral health issues. The longer patients go without regular cleanings, the more severe the problems may be. Dr. Alexander and our hygienist team will be sure to educate you on the best at home habits for cleaning your teeth and we’ll be sure to make sure you come into the office every 6 months.

How does a dental hygienist clean teeth?2019-05-02T15:58:30+00:00

Our hygienist will start by removing plaque and tarter with a small mirror to help guide us through your mouth. The mirror allows us to see our teeth from every angle. Using a scaler, a pointy little tool your hygienist will scrape away the plaque and tartar around your gum line, as well as in between your teeth.

Does a dental cleaning hurt?2019-05-02T16:06:50+00:00

The most honest answer we can give you is that it’s a different experience for each patient. Some of our patients don’t feel any pain or have very little sensitivity to the cleanings.  For patients who have deep gum pockets or sensitive teeth,  it may be a little uncomfortable. Our dental team here at Alexander Family Dental is always focused on your comfort, we will check in with you on your comfort level throughout the whole cleaning to make sure it’s a good experience. For patients who do experience pain during normal or deep cleanings, we have local anesthetics and numbing gels that make a big difference in managing the discomfort. For the kiddos or the big kiddos (the parents) that are nervous at the dentist we have some helpful laughing gas (nitrous oxide) that will be sure to help eliminate the “dental jitters”

What can I expect at my dental check-up?2019-05-02T16:14:50+00:00

During your dental check-up or first appointment with our office, you can expect a few things to happen. Our office is very thorough when it comes to assessing your dental health. Here is usually what happens, We will examine your teeth, gums, and mouth and we’ll take some x-rays to help do this while giving us a more detailed understanding of what is happening with your teeth. Our team will be asking you lots of questions about your general health and any problems you’ve had with your teeth, mouth or gums since your last visit. We will give you any necessary advice about maintaining proper oral hygiene and can help with pointing you in the right direction of healthy habits to maintain your smile.

What do dental X-rays show?2019-05-02T16:28:04+00:00

Dental x-rays are in most cases always done during your regular check-up or first visit to our office. The x-rays help us to identify any potential issues that can be prevented with treatment while giving us a detailed view of bone, teeth and supporting oral tissue. The x-ray allows us to identify cavities, view tooth roots, assess the health of bone around your teeth, identify periodontal disease, evaluate the status of new developing teeth and find tumors within the oral tissue.

Are dental X-rays safe?2019-05-02T16:23:29+00:00

Yes, dental X-rays are considered safe for the vast majority of healthy people, adults, and children. According to ADA, dental radiation exposure represents a minor contribution to a person’s total exposure from all sources, both natural and man-made. We always like to do at least 1 X-ray per year, for our patients with good oral hygiene habits and healthy teeth, X-rays are not always needed to be done twice a year. Dr. Alexander will discuss this with you if you have any questions or concerns about X-ray technology. For the little ones, typically under 5 years old we will pass on the X-ray until they are big enough to handle the instruments needed to perform the X-ray. We follow strict safety guidelines to minimize our patient’s exposure to radiation. However, if you have a pre-existing medical condition or undergoing cancer treatment, please tell us right away before your exam.

What is cosmetic dentistry?2019-05-23T15:08:09+00:00

Cosmetic Dentistry includes a variety of procedures that all have to do with improving the cosmetic or aesthetic appearance of your teeth. Cosmetic Dentistry really focuses on what you, as a patient want your teeth and smile to look like. Some cosmetic treatments or procedures may actually be recommended by our office to address or fix issues before they happen. For instances, braces or clear aligners cross a thin line of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Braces can helpful for many people, both kids, and adults with correcting the alignment of teeth, preventing problems with the growth of new teeth, snoring, over/underbite and many other issues. Other procedures that are considered cosmetic dentistry treatments would be porcelain crowns & bridges, veneers, bonding, dental implants, inlays, and even teeth whitening.

How are veneers different than crowns?2019-05-02T16:42:48+00:00

Crowns, also known as caps, cover the entire tooth. Crowns involve significant shaving down of the tooth and are more of a therapeutic solution to treat the problem teeth whereas Veneers are more of a cosmetic procedure. Veneers cover just the front of the tooth and don’t involve as much drastic prep work.

Why should I get Veneers?2019-05-02T16:56:04+00:00

There are numerous reasons why our patients choose veneers. Regardless of the reason why they all leave Alexander Family Dental feeling happier and more confident with their smiles and that is one of the biggest reasons. If you’re unhappy with the color, shape, gap, alignment of your teeth, veneers can help. veneers cover the front teeth that comprise the majority of the smile people see.  veneers can deliver straight teeth the moment you put them on. They can cover chipped or cracked teeth, instantly restoring your complete smile. There are many reasons to get veneers and they can be a great solution to solve many appearance issues with your smile. We recommend you first discuss the idea of veneers with Dr. Alexander and she’ll be able to answer any questions you may have.

What Our Patients Say

Alexander Dental | Queen Creek Dentist, AZ

My experience at Alexander Family Dental was excellent! I recommend this practice to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, helpful & friendly staff. I was seen in a timely manner which I definitely appreciated! Dr. Alexander was thorough in her explanation of my treatment and I was very happy with the completed work! No more searching for me….I finally found a dentist that knows what she’s doing & I can trust!!!

- Nikki Stull
I have had Dr Alexander for several years and have followed her to her new location. The place is clean and beautiful. Her staff are great, and very helpful. As far as Dr A there is non better.
- Deborah Buckley
I wish there was a way to give 6 stars. I just cannot say enough good things about Dr. Alexander and the staff at the office. They all are so very sweet and knowledgable, my kids from day 1 have never been nervous about going to the dentist and I trust this office 100% with anyone and everyone I send over!
- Kendra Buick

Dr. Alexander and the staff are amazing. We bring our whole family in and everyone in the office is absolutely wonderful. She’s helped me with my Invisalign and has taken care of our kids for the last serval years!

- Victor Pitcher

One of the best visits ever! Efficient cleaning with no pain! Fabulous staff that’s so helpful – especially with insurance questions. Highly recommend Dr. Alexander and her office for a great dental experience.

- Joanna Mullins

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