Children’s Cleanings in Queen Creek, AZ

Children’s Cleanings in Queen Creek, AZ

There are a few steps you can take today to help guarantee that your child’s future smile as an adult is not only beautiful but healthy as well. As a top-rated children’s dentist in Queen Creek, AZ, Dr. Elena Alexander and her staff at Alexander Family Dental provide a broad range of gentle and fun dental care, including children’s cleanings.

Benefits of Children’s Cleanings Near You 

In addition to helping your child build confidence in dental care, dental cleanings offer three other benefits:

  • Plaque and tartar are removed from areas of your child’s mouth that they are unable to reach by brushing at home.
  • The procedure helps reverse early tooth staining.
  • Professional dental cleanings from Alexander Family Dental provide your child with fresher breath.

Another benefit of children’s cleanings is that it provides an opportunity for Dr. Alexander and her staff to detect early signs of future conditions that could negatively impact the health and appearance of your child’s smile. For example, during professional cleaning appointments, small cavities can be treated easily and painlessly instead of leaving them undetected and growing into more complex treatments such as tooth extraction.

Oral Health Can be Fun!

Your little one will also benefit from fun instruction from Dr. Alexander and her staff about best practices for brushing and flossing. This way, they’ll look forward to practicing their new skills at home, and you’ll have added peace of mind that they are brushing and flossing as professionally recommended.

A good rule of thumb regarding the timing of children’s cleanings is to make an appointment at the earliest stages of tooth development. Whether or not cleaning is performed during this appointment, your child will benefit from becoming familiar with our fun and friendly office and reduce chances for future dental anxiety.

We Invite You to Make an Appointment Today 

We’d love to welcome you and your little one to the family-friendly dental care provided at Alexander Family Dental. Whether you’d like to schedule an appointment for yourself and bring your child with you to your appointment or schedule a separate appointment for your child, we invite you to contact us today.  

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