Exams & Cleanings in Queen Creek, AZ

Exams & Cleanings in Queen Creek, AZ

As a leading comprehensive care dentist in Queen Creek, AZ, Dr. Alexander knows how essential the basics of dental exams and cleanings are to your health. Not only your oral health but your general health too.

It’s not uncommon for patients to think that the only purpose of exams and cleanings is to keep their teeth healthy. But did you know that when you don’t visit a dentist near you at least once a year for this critical preventive dentistry procedure, that it can affect more than just your smile? That’s right. Untreated gum disease, detected during exams and cleanings near you, can lead to arthritis, stroke, heart disease, and more. Not to mention tooth loss and the embarrassment that’s associated with that!

Preventive Care from Our Dentist Near You

Because Dr. Alexander is committed to helping patients of all ages enjoy their dental health and their general health, one of the over-arching goals of this practice is to help you retain your natural teeth for a lifetime. When you schedule your appointment for an exam and cleaning at Alexander Family Dental, our team is not only looking for cavities and tooth damage, but we look for small problems that can be corrected before they turn into larger ones.

For example, when you visit us for an exam and cleaning in Queen Creek, AZ, Dr. Alexander will detect the signs of early gum disease and treat it through deep cleaning or gels and rinses. Isn’t that preferred over the alternative of gum surgery when the condition goes untreated?

Likewise, Dr. Alexander will perform a visual oral cancer check during every dental exam and cleaning to detect signs of this rapidly increasing form of cancer from having an impact on your life. Even if you don’t smoke, you can be at risk of oral cancer due to factors such as genetics, sun exposure, alcohol use, and exposure to the HPV virus.

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Rather than taking chances with undiagnosed oral cancer, our patients know that each time they visit Dr. Alexander for an exam or cleaning, screening is included. Equally, every time they visit Alexander Family Dental for an exam and cleaning in Queen Creek, AZ, they’ll know that they are taking proactive measures against other health conditions such as heart disease and stroke that can come from untreated gum disease.

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