Digital X-Rays in Queen Creek, AZ

Digital X-Rays in Queen Creek, AZ

One of the over-arching goals for Dr. Elena Alexander and her team at Alexander Family Dental is to ensure that your dental health experience is not only comfortable but 100 percent accurate. The use of digital x-rays near you is one of the many ways this goal is accomplished. Not only are they one of the most advanced diagnostic tools used in modern dentistry, but they produce significantly less radiation exposure than old-school radiography.

Other Benefits of Digital X-Rays Near You 

In addition to being safer, Dr. Alexander’s use of digital x-rays near you comes with some additional benefits. These include:

  • They provide immediate viewing of the imaged area.
  • They provide an image that can be digitally enlarged for more precise diagnostics.
  • They are more comfortable for patients.

The last item – being more comfortable than older technology that uses plastic inserts placed inside the mouth – is one that our patients tell us they especially appreciate from our dentist in Queen Creek, AZ. Not only are digital x-rays more comfortable in that regard, but the state-of-the-art digital sensors allow Dr. Alexander to diagnose with a higher quality image.

Our Commitment to Advanced Technology 

Digital x-rays in Queen Creek, AZ, are not only considered an advanced form of technology in preventive dentistry and diagnostic dentistry, but they are now considered the standard of excellence in comprehensive dentistry. You’ll indeed benefit from a more comfortable experience when you visit Alexander Family Dental and our use of digital x-rays in Queen Creek, AZ, and it’s also true that you’ll benefit from more accurate diagnostics and faster treatment times.

Gentle Diagnostics in Dentistry 

If you’ve been avoiding visiting a dentist near you because you don’t want to endure the discomfort of old-school x-rays, we invite you to experience the difference in modern dentistry offered at Alexander Family Dental. Whether you have a little one that doesn’t like to sit still or you hate the feel of plastic inserts in your mouth, we are here to introduce you to a more improved method in diagnostic dentistry. We invite you to make an appointment today using our convenient online booking tool to experience digital x-rays in Queen Creek for yourself.

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