Partial & Full Dentures in Queen Creek, AZ

Partial & Full Dentures in Queen Creek, AZ

Thanks to the many advancements made in dental materials and technology, including those used by Dr. Alexander at Alexander Family Dental, getting natural-looking partials and full dentures near you is now a popular choice in tooth replacement.

Let Us Improve Your Self-Confidence 

If you’ve been hiding your smile because you’ve lost teeth or know that you’re at risk of losing your teeth, our dentist near you is here to help you reclaim your self-confidence. As a comprehensive dentist in Queen Creek, AZ, Dr. Alexander has already helped countless patients in their journey for a smile makeover through either a stand-alone procedure such as partials and dull dentures near you, or a combination of treatments such as professional whitening, aligner therapy, dental veneers, and more.

Dr. Alexander is committed to providing you with the best dentistry available in Queen Creek, AZ, and that includes durable and comfortable dentures. When you contact us for a restorative dentistry appointment, the team at Alexander Family Dental will prepare a side-by-side treatment plan of all available options for your short-term and long-term goals. That way, you’ll have information about not only the cost of various procedures, but you’ll learn more about each one’s durability.

Speaking of Durability 

Partial and full dentures are indeed a great choice when it comes to durability. However, unlike dental implants (which can last a lifetime with proper care), dentures will require replacement every ten years on average. Also, unlike dental implants and some dental bridges permanently attached to your gums, dentures will need to be removed at night and soaked in a denture-safe solution at night. For some patients, this inconvenience is reason enough to consider other alternatives, while other patients are comfortable performing this nightly routine.

Natural-Looking Solutions 

Whichever tooth replacement option you choose from Alexander Family Dental, Dr. Alexander is committed to providing an end-result that is not only comfortable but natural-looking too! Nothing will chip away at your self-confidence more than missing teeth or replacement teeth that don’t look natural. That’s why you have our promise that you’ll receive nothing less than top-tier care in restorative dentistry so you can enjoy confidence, comfort, durability, and a natural look at the same time!

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