Preventive Care in Queen Creek, AZ

Preventive Care in Queen Creek, AZ

Most patients are aware that it’s important to prevent tooth decay through excellent daily oral hygiene habits at home and routine exams and cleanings with our dentist near you. However, the health of your gum tissue is equally important as it provides a supportive structure for your teeth. At Alexander Family Dental, we offer preventive care in Queen Creek, AZ, to help you maintain optimal oral health for your teeth and gums.


Periodontics is a field of dentistry that specializes in inflammatory diseases that affect a patient’s gum tissue and underlying bone structure through prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease. One of the first signs of periodontal disease is bleeding gums during at-home brushing or flossing. Other symptoms include teeth that feel loose in the mouth, receding gums, or any pain and discomfort felt near or underneath the gumline.

Patients that are experiencing any of these signs and symptoms should schedule a comprehensive exam with our dentist in Queen Creek, AZ, immediately. Dr. Alexander will assess the health of your gums and recommend any necessary treatment to prevent the problem from worsening and restore you to optimal oral health.

Extractions and Root Canals

When possible, it’s best to avoid extraction, which is the professional removal of a tooth. However, extractions may be necessary for patients with advanced gum disease. If oral bacteria infiltrate below the gum line, it results in infection and inflammation that will continue to worsen over time. Dr. Alexander may need to treat the underlying infection by extracting the tooth. This is part of preventive care in that, without extraction, gum disease will spread and infect other teeth in the mouth.

Root canals are another means of preventive care for patients. Root canal therapy can mean the difference between saving or losing a tooth with infected and inflamed roots. Our dentist near you will perform a root canal to prevent tooth loss and restore the affected tooth to health.

Your oral health is important, including the health of your gums as well as teeth. Contact our team at Alexander Family Dental for more information about preventive care near you.

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