Tooth Extractions in Queen Creek, AZ

Tooth Extractions in Queen Creek, AZ

Dr. Alexander and the dental care team at Alexander Family Dental share a primary goal of helping our patients keep their natural teeth healthy and functional for a lifetime. However, there are instances when dental extractions near you will be necessary, and our goal becomes providing gentle dentistry during the removal procedure.

Types of Dental Extractions Near You

There are many reasons that you or a family member may need to have a tooth extracted. These can range from simple tooth extractions such as making space for teeth that are overcrowded or teeth that have become too decayed to repair to surgical extraction for wisdom teeth removal. When you visit our dentist in Queen Creek, AZ, for your tooth extraction consultation, you’ll receive information about the type of procedure that you’ll be receiving (simple or surgical).

Sedation Dentistry is Available

One matter to be considered is whether or not you’ll require sedation dentistry as an element of your procedure. Some patients prefer sedation during their dental extraction because of anxiety. Other patients can undergo the procedure from our dentist near you without requiring sedation. Either way, our dental care team will provide you with complete post-procedure instructions depending on the type of extraction you’re undergoing and whether or not you’ve requested any sedation from our dentist in Queen Creek, AZ.

Replacing an Extracted Tooth

With the exception of wisdom teeth that require extraction or a tooth that must be removed to create more space from an orthodontic perspective, it’s recommended that the gap that’s been created by the extraction gets replaced with a dental implant, dental bridge, or partial denture before your remaining teeth begin to shift out of place. Dr. Alexander at Alexander Family Dental can advise which method will be best-suited and the timeline for treatment.

Be Proactive Against Tooth Loss

Do you want to take measures today to avoid needing an extraction in the future due to dental decay, gum disease, or other reasons that can be controlled with preventive dentistry? If so, we invite you to make an appointment using our convenient online booking tool to schedule a comprehensive exam with Dr. Alexander.

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