Tooth Sealants in Queen Creek, AZ

Tooth Sealants in Queen Creek, AZ

As a leading general dentist near you, Dr. Alexander provides top-tier preventive dentistry to protect the smiles of every patient who visits Alexander Family Dental. And although dental sealants near you are most commonly associated with adding protection against decay in children’s teeth, the simple, pain-free procedure is beneficial for patients of all ages.

Protect the Nooks and Crannies

Teeth have grooves and recesses in them that can sometimes be difficult to reach with regular brushing. And when you factor in the occasional skipped brushing, especially in children who tend to forget, these pits and crevices become a perfect environment for bacteria to stick to them. When this happens, the affected tooth becomes at greater risk for tooth decay – also known as cavities.

How Dental Sealants Protect

Our dentist near you applies a liquid material into these vulnerable areas during a painless procedure. Once dried, this material creates an added barrier against tooth decay that lasts up to 10 years. Dental sealants are always recommended for use in children’s dentistry as an added protection; however, they can also be used in adult dentistry to provide patients of all ages with the same protection for vulnerable teeth.

Professional Treatment

Although you may be tempted to use dental sealants that are available over-the-counter (OTC), there is no substitute for the quality of material that our dentist in Queen Creek, AZ, uses. Just as many patients have discovered OTC whitening products’ inferior quality versus professional teeth whitening from Dr. Alexander, the same holds with professional dental sealants. Plus, when you partner with Alexander Family Dental for your preventive dental care, we’re only a phone call away instead of having to look for a phone number or web address on the back of a product!

An Added Benefit

If your child has started to show signs of dental anxiety, we’ve found that the pain-free procedure of dental sealants is a great way to reinforce how fun it can be to visit the dentist’s office. We’re here to ensure that you and your family can enjoy your natural teeth for a lifetime. We invite you to take advantage of the added benefit of pain-free dental care by scheduling an appointment for dental sealants in Queen Creek, AZ, from Alexander Family Dental today.

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